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Audio-guide tours with 360° photos

Experience virtual audio-guide tours

Experience virtual audio-guide tours about the past…
Explore Sweden’s past with ut, places you would never find in a guidebook or without a local guide. Most of these tours explore the Viking, medieval and ancient Swedish heritage big sites close to Stockholm and take you right back to the past.

360° movable pictures 
Maybe you want to take a closer look at the places you might want to travel to, or visit a new country virtually… why not visit at a 360° degree angle so you get a really good look at the sight you’re listening about. Almost like you are at the place in from of the object itself.

These audio-tours is for you who want to explore from the safety at your home, at a time that fits you. Get audio, photos and 360° angels right into your phone, computer or Ipad. 

If you can’t afford a tour, buy a audio-guide instead!
This is also for you, who can’t afford to pay for a guided tour, why not buy some audio guides and drive to the places in a hired car. 
Note that the signs put up at these places are sadly notoriously bad in the English sections (if they exist at all) so a audio tour gives you added value when on sight.

Of course we highly recommend for a more deep-going experience to hire a guide is this the second best, but we fully understand everyone can’t afford this when on trips when all the expenses that comes with it.
Most of these places are within driving distance, 30-50min out in the north of Stockholm.

Note that these audio-tours ar upcoming and under recording at the moment. Please email if you wish to pre-order one.

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