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Virtual tours, Viking club and courses!

Join a rune and runestone course, the Viking club or visit Sweden on one of our virtual tours!

Sweden History tours offers several virtual experiences for the knowledge-thirsty stuck as home.
Why not learn more about runes and runestones at a special course? Learn how to write in runes, get guidelines how to start learning. The goal is for you to interpret, and being able to read real world rune-stones.

Or join the Viking club and get 2 new videos on Viking age subjects every month, access to a MEMBERS ONLY Facebook group, where you can give example of the subject to take up, and monthly quizs.

It doesn’t matter that you want to learn but you don’t want to real thick books or look at boring seminars on YouTube. Join someone who loves that kind of things (Yes, they actually exist ;), a Swedish Viking age expert guide.

Take your chance to join a experienced, knowledgeable guide, working with Viking tours for 5 years. Go and get that extra knowledge and shine at the dining table or bar with “Do you know that the Vikings….”

All that for a monthly fee of £10 per course / club, you can leave whenever you want, and are guaranteed that that monthly price if you join now!
Join the Virtual Viking Age Club (or read more about it here)
Join the Virtual Rune and runestone course  (or read more about it here)
To join now send a email, link for joining will be up soon.

Virtual guided tours and audio-guide tours
If a course or the club isn’t for you we also got some virtual tours.
This is for you who want to flee the world for a while, or would like to watch a online virtual tour before you decide whenever to visit Sweden or not.
Or maybe you are interested in the subject or question if you want to book a tour IRL or not, than this is a good option to find out both more about Sweden and how what booking a tour with us will be.

The homepage also holds some audio guide tours visiting more cool historical and fascinating places than what we normally cover on our tours. Take a chance to explore more of Sweden’s heritage with 360° visits to the sites.

Visit our virtual Viking Age tour, or take a visit to the Swedish countryside. (NOTE: Upcoming virtual tours and audio-guide tours, under recording at the moment)

a group of people walking on a grassy hill
red carving on stone
a man sitting in a runestones park Granby