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Join the Virtual Viking club!

2 new monthly videos and a quiz every mouth!

Join the Virtual Viking Age club!
Do you want to learn more about the Vikings? Get that deep-dive into their culture and their time, but don’t really feel that you want to go true thick and heavy, scholarly dry books or boring seminars on YouTube. 

Why not let someone else do the reading, the deep-dive and explain it to you subject for subject on video. Explain in a way so you understand the twists, terms and turns of the Viking age. All you need to do is to watch from your home, safe behind your computer, phone or Ipad at a time that fits you.
Take the chance to join a experienced, knowledgeable Swedish viking guide, working with Viking tours for 5 years. Go and get that extra knowledge and shine at the dining table or bar with “Do you know that the Vikings….”
You can do that for only 10£ a month!

When you join you will get 
– 2 new videos on Viking age subjects every month.
– A monthly quiz based on the the new videos released.
– Access to a MEMBERS ONLY Facebook group where you can ask questions and give topic ideas for me to take up in further videos.
– You will also, in the Facebook group, get to experience videos or pictures visiting some of Sweden’s coolest Viking places, safe in Quarantine from your computer.
– You will also get a Members Only 5% discount coupon on your whole booking if you arrive IRL on one of my tours in the future!!! Usable on this homepage only.

All that for a monthly fee of £10, you can leave whenever you want, and are guaranteed that continues price every month if you join now. To join now send a email, link for joining will be up soon! 

a group of people walking on a grassy hill
a man sitting in a runestones park Granby