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I’m a native of Stockholm County and dedicated to tell you about the history of my county. My trips are focused on the epochs of history and the people who lived back then. I will take you back in time!

I am very interested in history and service. I have worked as a guide before I started the company and been praised by both Swedish and international visitors. I grew up in Orkesta, a parish with a lot of history. From an early age, I have been interested in the past and how it lives on in today’s society. I will guide you in Swedish or English.

I became I guide because I’m passionate about history. I love to educate and entertain people about it. I have always been very interested in this subject and History was my number one subject in school.

Come join me as I guide you to the Viking age and other intriguing epochs of the history of Stockholm and Sweden! You are invited to travel back in time with me at Stockholm’s own time machine!

Want to find out more about the Viking tours:

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