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DNA tests showing Sweden?

Travel to the land of your ancestors!

Using a DNA test to find out more about your family’s roots are getting bigger and bigger.
The second step is, if you have the possibility, to travel to a place or a country based upon your own test results to learn and explore. To experience and immense yourself into the areas culture, heritage and historical life of people living in the past. All to get to know your past ancestors or distant relative’s a bit better.

Sweden History Tours are happy to collaborate with, and join forces in exploring people’s past, with the company MyTrueAncestry. We’re happy to offer people who have taken MyTrueAncestry test’s or uploaded their results there our tours while they are visiting Sweden and the Stockholm area. We may also be able to help in other areas of Sweden as well.

Our tours dig deep into the Swedish soil, are fact-based with historical and archeological focus. We showcase a wide range as well as a diverse part of Swedish history, prehistory or dark folklore depending on interest as well as different theme tours.
We offer all from day tours out from Stockholm to city walks and theme tours in Stockholm, Uppsala, Sigtuna, Vallentuna and NorrtÀlje cities.

Welcome to explore the real Sweden by an award winning tour company while in Stockholm to get a different, out of the beaten path excursions to historic sites and beautiful areas. Join us, as over 9000 others have, on a trip back in time!


Explore the Best of Sweden's History

Tour Category 1 - transported tours out of Stockholm city with hotel pick up


Tour category 2 - City walks in Stockholm and Uppsala - central meeting locations

From SEK265

On this tour you will explore a hidden history. The history of women in Sweden, from the Viking age until today, who left important footprints and play an important role why Sweden is the society it is today.

More relevant than ever, this tour will include facts about individuals and groups with strong wills struggling with both hoplessness and resistance. But there is bright hope too.

Learn about the 19th century women’s cafes, confident viking women, Swedish freedom fighters from a rough past at the same time you walk around in the beautiful Old town of Stockholm.

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