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Stockholm City Walks and Transported Inner City Tours

Explore Sweden's Capital with a Experienced, Authorized Stockholm Guide

Stockholm City Tours, Transported Private Tours and City Walks

To have a experienced guide with you in Stockholm gives you so much more than to trying to use Wikipedia for information or Google maps. You’ll be guided on the city walks by a certified tourist guide who have done guided tours in Stockholm for a long time.

Enjoy unique theme-focused city walks not available anywhere else. All walking tours are small group tours, who can be booked as private tour by request.
We got one private minibus tour 3h through Sweden’s capital of Stockholm. Learn about, and experience, both the well-known and lesser known but equally fascinating sights. Explore the hidden histories behind the walls of Gamla Stan /old town Stockholm.

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Stockholm Old Town street With Visitor

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From SEK265

On this tour you will explore a hidden history. The history of women in Sweden, from the Viking age until today, who left important footprints and play an important role why Sweden is the society it is today.

More relevant than ever, this tour will include facts about individuals and groups with strong wills struggling with both hoplessness and resistance. But there is bright hope too.

Learn about the 19th century women’s cafes, confident viking women, Swedish freedom fighters from a rough past at the same time you walk around in the beautiful Old town of Stockholm.