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Scandinavian folklore and vaesen tours

Explore old Scandinavian folklore and it's stories

Explore the Swedish Folklore - it's dark rituals and invisible creatures

Visit our Scandinavian Folklore and Vaesen tour
We’re offer you a combined Ghost walk and horror walk, a journey with an expert knowledgeable folklore guide. If you’re interested in myths and magic, Norse folklore etc this is the tour for you!
Explore about bloody folklore rituals around protection and love, creepy Swedish folklore creatures, called vaesen, and stories ranging back all the way from the Viking age at to 19th C.

A big part of the tour are strange stories and tales of the invisible and often shape-shifting bloodthirsty creatures from the Folklore called Vaesen. Most where collected by scholars in the days of the Grim Brothers.
You’ll also meet a big range of
Vaesen on this tour (Näcken, maran, skogsrå, myrling) as well as some old protection rituals to be safe from them. You’ll get all from innocent and strange love magic to the dark uses of bones and blood from the time of the gallows and execution sites in 19th C.

What do others say about this tour?
Review from Helen Carlsson, taken from Sweden History Tours Google page (5 stars)
Priceworthy and fact-filled tour about Swedish folklore. The tour had
an entertaining vibe which balanced the good amount of information.
Jonathan told us exciting (and sometimes even scary) stories from
Swedish folk belief and the quite deranged (to modern ears) events and
actions that Swedes took to protect themselves from magical creatures.
I was on another of Jonathans tours four years ago but this was a
completly different theme and experience, highly recommended!

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