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Scandinavian folklore and vaesen tours

Explore old Scandinavian folklore and it's stories

Explore the Swedish Folklore - it's rituals and invisible creatures

Visit our Scandinavian Folklore and Vaesen tours
At the moment there are only two Swedish Folklore tours in Stockholm and these are ours.
We’re offer you a exiting journey with a expert knowledgeable folklore guide with stories ranging back all the way from the Viking age at to 19th C.

You’ll get all from innocent and strange love magic to the dark uses of bones and blood from the time of the gallows and execution sites in 19th C.
A big part of the tour are strange stories and tales of the invisible and often shape-shifting bloodthirsty creatures from the Folklore called Vaesen. You’ll meet a big range of Vaesen on this tour as well as some old protection rituals to be safe from them.

Take your chance now to meet many different Scandinavian Folklore creatures from the folklore as Gloson, Maran (background to the word Nightmare), and the death vaesen Lyktgubben as well as Näcken, Skogsrået / Huldra, Bäckahästen (our version of the Kelpie) and much more. Some of these above we got in tales all the way from the Medieval and Viking times. 

You can today choose between a 3h transported Folklore tour with a expert guide with Stockholm hotel pick up or our Stockholm Ghost Walk 90min who where over 60% consists of Swedish dark folklore and folklore creatures.

The Swedish  folklore walk / Stockholm
Ghost tour can be taken i Stockholm or by request (email [email protected]) in Uppsala Uppsala (40min from Stockholm).
City walk start Location: Stockholm Old Town, start at the Nobel museum staircase. By email request in Uppsala city where we meet at Riddartorget just at the side of Uppsala Cathedral. This is a special walk made by Sweden History Tours in 2020.

Book your tickets today or book your own private tour! 

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