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Sweden History Tours

Bestselling Transported Viking Day Tours and Stockholm History Tours - 8 Years of Tour Experience, over 10 000 Happy Guests!

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Great Tour Outside the City

My husband and I had spent several days at all the attractions in Stockholm, but felt a need to see some rural areas. The Viking History Tour was the most interesting way to do this and offered so much more. It was a cold day and the country side looked spectacular with snow-covered fields. Jonathan was the perfect host he explained to Viking history. He had so much knowledge to share and was able to answer all our questions.

– Christine A. | TripAdvisor
Viking Tour - Excellent

We enjoyed a half day Viking History tour with guide Calle. We were so pleased to see the Viking stones in natural environments on farmland and replace as they would have been at a dirt road over marshland. We ate lunch at Sigtuna, with Main Street restored as it would have been in the Viking Times. There is also an excellent museum in Sigtuna.

– Sydney Family | TripAdvisor
Great Tour, Excellent Guides

We did the whole day Viking History Tour with fantastic guides "Calle" and "Jonathan". They were both very knowledgeable and guided us through the various locations carefully. The tour was flexible and could be tailored to our interests by spending more or less time in some places. We recommend this tour to someone who wants to gain insight into the heritage of the area.

– B. | TripAdvisor
Enjoyable tour!

The tour was very informative. The tour guide Emma had a wealth of knowledge and was very personable. On the day, my wife and I were the only customers but we were collected from our hotel in a comfotable car and had the tour guide all to ourselves which was an added bonus. We are glad that we took the tour as it provided us with the opportunity to see some of the surrounding towns and countryside that we would have missed had we stayed in Stockholm and of course we learned a lot about the viking culture along the way. Great way to spend a day's vacation.

– Tom D | TripAdvisor
A Wonderful Experience Learning About Viking History

Hi, I liked very much organisation of the tour. I was picked up and dropped of near my hotel. As for the tour, it was organised and thoughtfully designed to have enough time to look around, eat and enjoy different places. Our guide, was very knowledgeable, too. Thank you! Annie

– Anna | TripAdvisor
Well Worth the Time and Money

My husband and I took the Private Tour: Swedish History Day Trip to World Heritage Candidate Markim-Orkesta from Stockholm. Well worth the time and money as the tour was excellent. We were provided pick up and drop off service from our hotel which was helpful. The two guides added a personal touch to the tour and so much information we couldn’t get from a book or reading online. We saw not only ruins but historical sites, farms and churches. The two guides were knowledgeable, friendly and very professional. It was nice to get out of city and see some of country side. Highly recommend it!

– Jill Moe | Google Review
Told with Conviction and Passion

I really like the idea of a guided tour through time with fun and insightful facts about our cultural past from ancient times. I was both intrigued and entertained about hearing stories and myths from the same landscape I was standing on as our guide told with conviction and passion. I enjoy history too and its interesting to see it being told to a modern public of all ages for a small price and resonable guided tour length. I had fun and I am sure many else can be equally entertained when being guided through the fascinating legends of the viking era.

– Princecid | Google Review
Fashinating Tour

I actually did three tours with this company since they had so much to offer with regard to tours with a historical theme. The first one was the full-day Viking History tour. We visited runestones, a thing place, some churches, and grave mounds. The places were interesting and beautiful, and the information provided by our guide Gabriel was very good, as was how easy things were made for us since we were driven close to the places in question. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and would recommend it to anyone interested in the Vikings and / or medieval Sweden.

– SF527 | TripAdvisor Review
Beautiful fabulous tour, remarkable guide! Take this tour!

Oh my goodness! We selected this tour because we wanted to see the country out from Stockholm. But we were blown away by the history and beauty of these churches - so old but so well maintained. Best of all, the guide, Jonathan, was so knowledgeable and so excited about all that he was able to show us. He’s brilliant and shared knowledge in such an engaging way. He and the driver had excellent English and were so much fun to be with. We learned so much about Sweden both past and present.

– Caroline | Get Your Guide Church Tour Review
Best Viking tour we could ever wish for!

This tour was amazing!!! A definite MUST do while in Stockholm. We reached out directly to the tour company since TripAdvisor didn’t allow to book online in such short notice. Spoke to Jonathan, and he was very gracious and accommodating. He said he would reach out to tour guides to find out if someone would be available for the next day. He called back promptly after a few hours with confirmation that he found a guide for us. Åsa was the BEST guide we could have hoped for! She took us to all the main sites, gave us ample time to visit, took our photos, answered ALL our questions and was extremely knowledgeable. We were so fortunate and felt honoured she shared so much of the Viking and Swedish history with us. Thank you Åsa and Jonathan for your kindness and for making our Swedish experience unforgettable!

– Cindy_DF | TripAdvisor
Monstrous evil lurks in Sweden About our Dark history Uppsala tour

Nice tour. Of course we think Sweden is soft and fluffy but it's really all a sham! The zeal with which they tried to hurt mail or kill 'defective' citizens put the Nazis to shame. The guide was a typical older Swedish lady! You will know what I mean.

– David G - TripAdvisor
Great History Tour!

I really enjoyed this tour with Gabriel! He was communicative about when he would pick us up from our hotel. He came inside the hotel lobby to find us (which was good because the van was unmarked). Our tour group was just 6 people total which was great. Gabriel took us to various runestone sites and taught us about the differences between runestones to determine which were older vs newer. Once he started pointing out runestones, I was able to start seeing them everywhere! Gabriel was very knowledgeable about viking history and was able to answer any questions we had. My favorite stop on this tour was Sigtuna. Gabriel took us on a tour of the town and was then able to recommend a couple of cafes for lunch and what shops were the best to visit during our short time there.

– Departure16666232816 - TripAdvisor
Tremendos Experience

Our Guide, Jonathan, was excellent! He was extremely knowledgeable about the Vikings and their culture. The exchange of information and the depth of his knowledge shined as we asked question after question for the duration of the tour. This is a highly recommended guide and tour when in the Stockholm area.

– Jason S - TripAdvisor
Fascinating Viking culture tour

Our Half-day Vikings Culture Tour from Stockholm was excellent. Our private guide, Charlotte was incredibly knowledgeable of Swedish and Viking history, and did an excellent job explaining the various aspects of Viking life and culture. We loved seeing the amazing runestones and the town of Sigtuna. Thank you for a delightful day!

– Elizabeth Gardn... R - TripAdvisor
A tour the Vikings would raise a "Skoll" to!

We had a fantastic time on our tour. Our guide, Gabriel, was so engaging and imparted the history of the Vikings with great energy and a depth and breadth of comprehension that was most impressive. We learned so much from him. We also had a lot of fun along the way. He went out of his way to ensure we were all comfortable and enjoying ourselves. Anyone who spends a day learning and exploring with Gabriel should consider themselves very lucky.

– Fi_Dustry - TripAdvisor
Private Viking History Tour

Experience the best of Sweden's history on our transported guided tours. Hotel pick up in Stockholm.

couple by viking Rune stone in Sweden
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Our Tours
Sweden history tours offer transported day tours and city walks in and around Stockholm city. All our tours have central Stockholm hotel pick up. The company have around 20 different tours to choose from, mainly private tours and public small group tours on max 16 guests.

Sweden history tours are one of few companies that offer day tours out of Stockholm to the countryside around. We have 5 years of experience and over 3000 guest behind our back. We also offer Stockholm and Uppsala city walks.

Explore Sweden’s Heritage
On a tour with us you will learn more about Sweden’s past; its heritage, history, culture and different historical eras.

The tours are mainly thematic to a time period or subject like the Viking Are, Countryside and Swedish History or Royal palace and castles.

Apart from the historical side you will also learn about Swedish culture and customs. And you can ask all the questions you like.

A Visit outside Stockholm City
A big feature in our tours, and a thing that set us apart, is that we focus to visit the countryside’s and suburb’s different historical places. We take you to where the history really happened and tell it on the site itself.

May it be Viking Age by the side of a 1000 years old runestone or at a reconstructed viking bridge. Or at the site of a big Royal palace or by the wall of a more humble 800 years old medieval church.

Beautiful nature-close historical sites
What often is the case is that the sites are full of the beautiful Swedish nature. We tend to mix famous sites like Sigtuna or Old Uppsala mounds with some lesser well known. However most sites, some right by a lakeside, you won’t find in a traditional guide book and are out of the normally touristy beaten path.
We also try to drive partly on scenic country roads so you can experience the real Sweden outside of the city.

Sales pitch 😉
With over 20 different tours the chances that you find something that suits you are big. Our mission is to give you a travel experience you won’t forget easy. By looking at the bottom of the page you’ll find some previous guests reviews about what they think. You can also, below this text column, find some categories where you choose what fits you best.

Let us transport you out of the city to experience the real Sweden.
Let us give you a taste of Sweden’s fascinating history.
Let our experienced, knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated guides be there to give you the best possible tour while in Stockholm!

About Us

Sweden History Tours was founded 2015 and have served the Stockholm area since than with quality tours. The company’s guides have served over 10 000 happy guests over the years.
As one of the few companies that offer day tours out from Stockholm we have several years of experience, knowledge and customer reviews behind us.

Sweden History Tours offer different thematic cultural, historical, and archaeological tours. With us you do not only experience the history of the sites we visit, but learn about the era and it’s people.

Our main goal is to get you as a traveler out from the cities, Stockholm or Uppsala, to experience the real Sweden.
On our tours we tend to visit different historical places of importance set in the countryside with it’s beautiful nature.

All tours have a clear, central tour theme and are done on the sight where it all happened once up on a time. We are not inside a museum but out exploring on different grave fields, Viking assembly sites, burial mounds, medieval churches, at the foot of different runestones, ruins, and more.

We also offer different city walks and transported tours in Stockholm and Uppsala city apart from out-of-the-city-experience. We are the company that have different, entertaining and fact-based historical and cultural transported tours. All have central Stockholm hotel pick-ups.

You can either book one of our tours as a small group tour with max 16 persons or as a private tour just you and the guide. We also offers you as a traveler or Travel Agent “just for you” custom-made tours.

The tours all have a personal touch depending on the guide, and are personal and transported in cars, minivan or tour buses depending on group size.

Come travel back in time with Sweden History Tours – Stockholm’s own time machine!