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Royal Palace, Castle & Church Tours

Explore Sweden's Royal history and it's many medieval Buildings

Sweden's Historic Buildings - a Visit back to the 17th C or the Medieval Times

Go into a cool medieval church in the middle of the hot summer… or get shelter from the raging elements of nature in autumn or winter. Get blown away by it’s magnificent beauty of the painted roofs with paint left since 1480;s and hear the story behind the painting and Swedish medieval life!
Sweden have many unique castles, palaces and churches preserved from different historical times. This page includes our Royal tour and medieval church history tours.

On the Royal castle tour you’ll enjoy some of Sweden’s most beautiful castles and palaces on a day tour from Stockholm. You will visit 3 unique, distinguished and very different castles and palaces on this tour.

Sweden is unique in regard of it’s medieval churches as the reformation was mild here preserving medieval statues and wall paintings. On this special interest tour you will experience Sweden’s uniquely preserved medieval churches from the late 12th century until today.

What people have to say about these tours
Star rated review from our GetYourGuide church tour listing by Caroline, USA. (5 stars)
Beautiful fabulous tour, remarkable guide! Take this tour!
Oh my goodness! We selected this tour because we wanted to see the country out from Stockholm. But we were blown away by the history and beauty of these churches – so old but so well maintained. Best of all, the guide, Jonathan, was so knowledgeable and so excited about all that he was able to show us. He’s brilliant and shared knowledge in such an engaging way. He and the driver had excellent English and were so much fun to be with. We learned so much about Sweden both past and present.
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Learn more about Sweden’s medieval churches and it’s Royal history on our guided tours! Book your spot below today!

painting on church ceiling
Royal Stockholm Castle Tour, Wenngarn Castle

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