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Royal Palace, Castle & Church Tours

Explore Sweden's Royal history and it's many medieval Buildings

Sweden's Historic Buildings - a Visit back to the 17th C or the Medieval Times

Sweden have many unique castles, palaces and churches preserved from different historical times. This page includes our Royal castle tour (see the second text passage below) and medieval church history tours.

Sweden’s unique churches
Sweden is unique in regard of medieval churches as the reformation was mild here preserving medieval statues and wall paintings.
On these tours you will experience Sweden’s uniquely preserved medieval churches from the late 12th century, with a modern 1980 church thorn in for good measure.
Thanks to a mild reformation, the buildings have kept many of their medieval Catholic objects, like winged triptychs / altarpieces, mural paintings, and wooden crosses from 1300 – 1500 AD.

The Royal Palace and Castle Tour
Enjoy some of Sweden’s most beautiful castles and palaces on a day tour from Stockholm. You will visit 3 unique, distinguished and very different castles and palaces on this tour.

First we go to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Drottningholm, where the king and the queen live. You will also get a chance to walk around and experience the beautiful gardens of Drottningholm Palace.

We also go to one of the best preserved Baroque palaces in Northern Europe, called Skokloster, whose collections from 17th C all are intact. During low season Skokloster is closed and we take Stockholm Palace instead.

This tour also includes a visit to Wenngarn, the country palace of Gabriel De Le Gardié. He was seen as Sweden’s most handsome man in the 17th C and one of the biggest landowners outside the state.
However he was held responsible for the bad finances of Sweden and lost all during the Reduction apart from two castles. Wengarn is one of them but now belonging to his wife, related to the king, rather than him.

Learn more about Sweden’s church and Royal palace history on our guided tours!

painting on church ceiling
Royal Stockholm Castle Tour, Wenngarn Castle

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