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Travel Agents and Group Bookings

Book a tour when on conference, school trip, party or languish travel

Book as a bigger group with us!

We welcome both Travel Agents, schools, conferences, partys, bigger as well as smaller groups to book a tour with us. Emails with enquirers and questions are welcomed.
We can often on short notice find a guide if it is a last minute inquiry, please call if that is the case rather than email.

We can provide hired buses and guides for bigger groups in a wider tour range than that are available on our homepage, as our guide network is big.
We can also organize multi-day tours and activities for groups in Stockholm, and the surrounding areas. Our tours and activities can be tailored to suit many interests.

We have so far done several tailored tours. That includes for pairs and families in behalf of Travel Agents, a big guided 70th years celebration party with 2 buses, as well as Stockholm walks and tours for different conferences.
Among our bigger group tours with activities includes different English school trips, conference attendances, and languish schools with over 60 travelers.

Private Viking History Tour