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Where to research my Swedish ancestors?

Swedish family research help.
Want to know where to go and how to do it...

Where to research your Swedish ancestors?
The prefect downtime activity… family research!

Have you in family research found Swedish ancestors? But you don’t know where to find documents to go on? or maybe you can’t read Swedish? Do you want to find out more who they where… maybe get more names, translations of church book post related to your family, or a map over family farms if you’re lucky?
We can try to help you to find the traces of your Swedish ancestors, translate church books information for you, and se if maps are available. If you want to request or book a “ancestor research” please send us a email.

Why this offer?
A lot of the people, not all, who comes on the tours have Swedish ancestors back in time. That is one reson why to visit Nordic countries or Sweden.
They often don’t know more than the names, maybe where they come from or around when they went over to America or to other parts of the world. Some of them expressed a wish that they want to know more but either can’t read Swedish or knew where to look.
If you have, or can get, information as names + most importantly where and when they where born (parish / Village) we might be able to help you. If you have a idea around the year they went over to USA that will help to.

The well-documented Swedish archives
Sweden have many well-documented archives to look in in regards of genealogy. The earliest mapping dates to 1630 onwards and often give interesting and detailed looks on a single owned farms production, farmland and house locations. The owners, and seasonal or land-bound workers, we can trace in the church books knowing who owned the farm or farms in question.

The Church books dates from the 1600:s or early 1700:s. They where, as the maps, a way for the Swedish state to efficiently know the amount of people in a parish in order to tax them accordingly. They hold a lot of information like namnes, birth dates, death dates (might find more info in death books or a house-splitting document for the heirs), marriage dates, occupation or jobs. Sometimes we get notes if misbehaving and military service numbers mentioned.

They are among the earliest detailed records around in Europé and are extensive and well-documented archives. It isn’t always necessary to read Swedish to decode them but it helps as the spellings of times gone by sometimes can be a bit strange and weird.

Want to know more?
If you want to know more than you know today please send a email. We will either agree of a certain amount of money per hour or you present a sum and we research for you and present it in a nice manner. Normally we can get as close to recent times as 1930, than GDPR stops, and as far back as the church books allows (different for different parishes). 

If you have some information in your gerontology and know you got Swedish older relatives feel free to contact. Are you stuck when coming to the Swedish church books don’t hesitate to send us a email.
Or maybe you have a lot of information about your relatives; already have the pages, but want translations. If you don’t know where else to turn or know Swedish well enough to go on yourself please send a email.