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Travel to Sigtuna - the oldest town in Sweden

Experience Sigtunas beauty and a city founded by Viking kings!

Travel to Sigtuna, a cute wooden town!

Sigtuna have a unique place in Swedish history, and is a real pearl with its cute wooden inner city core well preserved. Today many Swedes go here for holidays themselves or over a weekend to enjoy the cozy place. Unlike so many other Swedish cities Sigtuna haven’t demolished it’s old wooden houses, some who dates back to the early 17th C. 

Founded by Viking Kings
The city also have a fascinating and captivating past, founded by Viking kings and the place for the the first bishop-seat on Sweden. Here Swedish Viking kings dined already in 970AD and made this trading town the main center for their power. The city still today holds the Viking age road networks well preserved and visible, if you know where to look.
It also hold two beautiful big ruins of the earliest churches in Stockholm region, and one of the earliest brick churches once belonging to a Catholic monastery.

The city is well within travelling distance from Stockholm. However to go by public transport is difficult with one train and two bus changes. Therefore we have put together a few public and private tour options in which you visit Sigtuna and learn about its fascinating past.

Our Sigtuna Tours
Two of our three Viking Age tours pass by Sigtuna and stop for a lunch break and a city walk of around 40min-1h in the city.

For the traveler wanting to dig deeper we got the private and public Sigtuna 5h. There we visit the city and, apart from doing a deeper dig into the citys history, also visit the nearby medieval castle Wenngarn.

Wenngarn is the country palace once home to one of at the time Sweden’s most handsome men, and one of the wealthiest land owners of the 17th C; Magnus Gabriel De La Gardie. Today the preserved baroque church is one of Northern EuropĂ©s finest.

Royal Stockholm Castle Tour, Wenngarn Castle
wooden houses Swedish flag Sigtuna city Tour from Stockholm
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St Marys church, Franciscan monks church in Sigtuna Sweden

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