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Health and safety / Q&A

Covid-19 changes, safety policy and more

On Mobile you’ll first find the Covid-19 and Safety instructions and below them the Q&A about the tours. Below these two you’ll find a contact us-formula where you can send and ask us questions.

Covid-19 information / Safety Routines

We work to have it as safe as possible for our guests.
*All tour cars have First Aid kits included if an unlikely accident would happen and all guests must wear seat-belts during car journeys.

*The main guide have had Covid-19 in June, with second negative test and antibodies confirmed, so wont spread being asymptomatic.We have paid sick leave for the staff.

*For the city walks we use a voice amplifier to keep recommended social distance.

*For all the tours we have small group sizes with limited numbers of guests.

*We offer free masks for people to use at the Transported tours and all staff have masks on while in the car. If you want to bring your own masks on the tour please feel free to do so.

“We have in every car a liquid hand sanitizer bottle in form of “handsprit”, alcohol-based liquid hand sanitizer in a single bottle to press out, for all our guests.

Transportation times / car travel time,
The car rides between the stops at the transported tours are in general 5-10min long.
For us to get to the first stop after pickup for the tours that are not in Stockholm itself it is around 30min car travel to stop one.
If a driver attend we air the car out in between the stops while the guide talks.

We have a wide range of private tours if you don’t feel comfortable to do a public tour. You can always contact us and ask for how many that have joined if you’ve booked a public tour and want to know.

No office available, please contact true email or phone for enquirers or questions.
Please check your SPAM-inbox if you don’t revive a answer on your question or don’t get a confirmation email if booking.

Inget kontor som går att besöka. Var snäll att kolla ditt SPAM-filter om du inte fått ett svar på din email-fråga inom 24h eller bokningsbekräftelse efter bokning.


QaA about Our Tours

# We are offering different, entertaining and fact-based historical, folklore, cultural, royal and archaeological transported heritage day tours and city walks.

# The tour company have been around since 2015, for 5 years, and served over 3000 guests during that time. We have served both locals, schools, groups from the municipality as well as tourists and Travel Agents.

Private / Public tours?
# Our tour are offered both as private tours and small group tours (max 16 persons) as well as “just for you” custom-made tours. All tours have a personal touch depending on the guide.

Hotel Pick up / Start locations
# All transported tours have central Stockholm hotel pick-ups within 4 kilometers from Stockholm central station. If in Old town you might, due to cars not allowed, being asked to walk a short distance.

# The city walks starts at a pre-destinatied fixed location; for Stockholm at Old town stortorget at the Nobel museums staircase or in Uppsala at Riddartorget at the side of the Cathedral.

Stockholm Cruise Guests – possible to book or not? What tour lengths usually does work out?
We have handled a lot of cruise guests over the years and our tours are appropriated for being private and small group and for not being pushed into a bus of 50 or so other guests.

# Possible transported tour lengths suitable if on a cruise? The 3h or the 5h transported tours usually work with cruise ship times when in shore from the harbors Stadsgården, Frihamnen or Värtahamnen. If arriving at Nynäshamn you got 1h to Stockholm city first and there the 3h tours works best to book.

Cruise guests will get a pick up at the Stockholm cruise harbors Frihamnen, Värtahamnen and Stadsgården (not Nynäshamn harbor due to being 1h away from Stockholm).
We’ll email instructions and you can also find them in a folded out button below this block of text.

Tour vehicles
# Our transported tours travel safely in vehicles like cars, minibuses or buses depending on group size.
The tour vehicles includes First Aid Kits if a unlikely accident would happen as well as hand sanitizes.

Tour times / Lunch stop
# The transported tour times ranges either 3h, 5h or 8h from pick up until first drop off The city walks are between 60min – 3h (and can be done longer if wished upon).

# On the 5h and 8h tours we include a lunch stop. Lunch is not included in the tour price.

Transported tour drop off at other location than my hotel? Old Town or Arlanda Airport.
# This usually work out if you just tell us in the car for other places than your hotel.
If you’re going to Arlanda Airport please call or email and ask first notifying us you’ll bring bags so we use a car that have luggage space.
The most suitable tours for a Arlanda drop off are the 5h viking tour and 8h viking tour who passes close by where it is possible to drop you off at the airport.

I’m disabled, can I book a tour? Do you have space for a wheelchair?
# Yes we got space for a wheelchair if it is collapsible and able to fold.
Most of the tours are close to the road and not much walking included so 20m or so.
Please send a email or call giving measurements of the wheelchair or ask if you want on any specific tour so we’ll se if it fits. If you book a private tour we can also adapt the stops after you.

I’ve trouble walking, can I book a tour?
# Yes you can, most of our transported tours have limited walking, around 20-30m from the car, and the walking is made on flat ground or the stops can be adapted after you.
Most walking tours are shorter distances and can be lead where benches are and resting places etc. They can also be adapted if you give a warning in beforehand.

I’ve a baby / small kids , do you have baby seats or booster seats?
# Yes we do. We got two baby seats that are possible to use (one for small kids and one for bigger). We got 3 booster seats for bigger kids available.
Please email or call and tell us in beforehand that you need one if you got kids or a baby and we’ll do our best to fix it for you.

Well liked tours / Ratings
# Our tours have high value and are well liked witch can be seen by the feedback on the bottom of this page and on TripAdvisor and Google reviews. Our Facebook page have over 2200 likes and followers.

Our Focus / goals
# Our focus, and goal, is to get you out of Stockholm or Uppsala city to see the countryside and the real Sweden. We also pledge to give you a fact-based, professional historical tour or folklore walk.

Also note that we visit the places where the history actually happened; the grave fields, Viking assembly sites, runestones, burial mounds, medieval churches, ruins, bridges and the beautiful nature of the countryside.
We also offer different city walks in Stockholm city and Uppsala city apart from out-of-the-city-experience.

Contact Sweden History Tours

No office available, please contact true email or phone for enquirers or questions.
Please check your SPAM-inbox if you don’t revive a answer on your question or don’t get a confirmation email if booking.

Inget kontor som går att besöka. Var snäll att kolla ditt SPAM-filter om du inte fått ett svar på din email-fråga inom 24h eller bokningsbekräftelse efter bokning.


Our Location

For most of our tours, we will pick you up at your central Stockholm hotel/accommodation (if within 4 km from Stockholm Central Station).

We also do port pick-up if you are arriving by cruise on the day of your tour on all Stockholm inner city harbors (excludes Nynäshamn harbor).

For the City walk all Stockholm city walks start at Old Town, Stortorget 2 outside the Nobel museums staircase.

All Uppsala city walks start at Riddartorget in Uppsala, beside Uppsala Cathedral but the guide can also meet you up at the train station.

If you got any questions not answered or want to know more please feel free to contact (and check your SPAM-inbox if not revived a answer within 24h of contact).

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