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Transported Viking Tours from Stockholm

Experience-filled Viking Tours from Stockholm - our most popular choice

Sweden Viking Tours

Dig up some Viking history during a fascinating tour in the picturesque Swedish countryside. Learn about Viking Age society and law, visit different sites of great historical importance, and discover the legacy of the Vikings. Our public and private tours give you an insight into Sweden’s fascinating Viking history. Book a tour today and take a tour with the experts!

We offer the only expert guided transported Viking Age tours in Stockholm, Sweden. All guides are authorized Viking guides, have university courses on the area or deep knowledge coming from several seasons of Viking tours.
Tours includes pick up and drop off at your inner city Stockholm hotel if within 4km from Stockholm central station or else a meeting spot. This is our most popular tours so book your spot early if you’re interested.

Lean all you ever want to know about the Vikings. Our expert guides show you several runestones, a viking age Thingstad/assembly place, a unique reconstructed Viking bridge and grounds the vikings themselves walked upon. On the 5h tour continue and do a lunch stop and take a visit to the oldest city of Sweden, Sigtuna, On the 8h tour we continue on to Uppsala and Old Uppsala.

We have three different viking tours who differ in lengths. 3h, 5h and 8h.

The private tours are open all year and all days. The public ones are divided over the week:
– 3h public viking tours: Monday and Thursday.
– 5h public viking tours: Tuesday and Saturday.
– 8h public viking tours: Wendesdays and Fridays. 

The 8h public viking tour requires 3 people to run. The others 2 persons who have booked.

Couple by a viking stone
Swedish Heritage guided sight

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