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The Rune Kingdom – a viking age tourist destination north of Stockholm.

Our guided Viking tours take place in an area called the Rune Kingdom. Situated just north of Stockholm, this is an ideal excursion for any tourist coming over to experience Swedish culture and history.

It is called the Rune Kingdom because it has rune stones by the 9 sights in the area. Rune stones were commemoration monuments that the Vikings put up to honor a dead family member.

But you can see much more than just rune stones. The rune kingdom contains a Viking parliament, Viking bridge, two medieval churches and much more.

The idea of the Rune Kingdom.

Stockholm county museum wanted an area to where people could learn about and experience Viking culture and history. The Täby-Vallentuna area was a great choice because it is one of the world’s most Viking dense areas.

In the area we find more than 20 rune stones, tens of grave fields and unique sights. The Viking parliament is one of the best preserved in the world and the Viking bridge is reconstructed to its former glory.

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Take a 3-hour excursion from Stockholm and immerse yourself in the Viking stories. Hear about the Jarlabanki family and their great men and women who ruled the area.

Lord Jarlabanki was a cocky guy who raised a rune stone to tell people that he owned the whole of the area. Jarlabanki’s grandmother Estrid was a powerful Viking woman, her skeleton was identified in an excavation in 1995. Hear her story as a powerful woman in what usually was a man’s world.