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3 day Viking experience - food, mead, tours and ancient games

Immence yourself into the Viking Age in one tour package

Swedish Viking 3 day trip – 3 days small group viking experience.
Experience the Viking Age in a new way. On this intensive Viking reenactment and learning weekend trip you’ll se not only Stockholm city but also the Swedish Viking age in new light.
We’ll mix visits to all the big, well-known places in and around Stockholm, with small secret favorite spots. We’ll travel in a comfortable vehicle between the sites, with experienced, educated and passionate tour guides.
In this 3 day experience (one evening + two full days) and tour package you’ll get to
• Experience real Viking rune stones.
• Try authentic Viking food at a Viking restaurant.
• Meet fellow Viking and mythology nerds, and all our authorized tour guides have reconstructed Viking clothing and are nerds themselves.
• Experience places like Old Uppsala, Sigtuna, the Viking city of Birka, Valsgärde boat burial grounds, and get a tour of the world’s biggest Viking Age artifact exhibit in Stockholm city.
• Get a chance to try ancient viking games, real Viking mead, Swedish fika and traditional Swedish foods.
On this learning tour you’ll come back home with memories for life among like-minded people. We’ll be exploring different stories and places who let you know all aspects there is to learn of the viking age; from religious beliefs, mythology, death rites and ordinary day life.
You’ll therefore
• Learn, and get to know the Viking Age and their time, on this three day Viking Age deep dive.
• Experience and explore Birka, the famous viking city with private guide on the isle (spring/ summer / autumn only).
• Visit Sigtuna city and our secret favorite rune stones and out of the beaten track spots.
• Get a tour at the world’s biggest Viking Age exhibit at the Swedish history museum.
• Visit Old Uppsala, an ancient sacrificial place.
• Se places and hear stories of the ancient past hard to find on your own.
• Try a real Swedish fika.
• A bonus “meet the locals stop” if time allows it.
We also aim to visit a reconstructed Viking farm as part of this program.
Book your spot today!

*Tour information*
These days starts at 18.00 with a Stockholm old town City walk and dinner at a viking restaurant.
Than on day two the main schedule starts.
*Free hotel pick up in this offer in Stockholm city*

Please note that only the experiences, food and the tours listed above are included; you’ve to find your own hotel in Stockton city whom we’ll pick you up at for no extra cost.
This tour will have a few tours schedules only, are is scheduled for spring and summer 2024 but can be done earlier (also in 2023) if interest are shown.
Price; 1750 euro per person / 18500 sek per person.

Send in your request below today by using this formula, limited number of seats available.
A booking form with dates will soon arrive. Can also be done as a private tour by request.
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Viking Age reenactor with christian VIking cross and Thor hammer
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