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Swedish-German connection tours

Explore how Germany and Germans influenced Sweden's past!

German-focused Tours in English, Swedish or German
We offer several different guided Stockholm tours and city walks with focus on German-Swedish connections true history, especially the medieval age and around the Reformation period starting in the 1520:s.

These tours can be done either in Swedish, English or German (German languish by request). Don’t forget that you can always email us if you find an English tour you want to do in German, or book it and take it in English. These tours are for now available by email request but will soon get their own tour booking pages with dates ect.

The German Stockholm Experience – connections between Stockholm and Germany
Explore the German parts of Old Town and hear about the German church. Explore the big influence Germany had on Stockholm and Sweden during the medieval times and during the reformation. That also includes the big contribution from German into the current day Swedish languish.

Already in 1350 half the population in Stockholm where Germans, they mainly worked as artists or traders. Some have also left their traces in history as the big marriage scandal during the eary 15th C that even the Archbishop himself got involved in.
Learn about, and experience, both the well-known and less known sights on this city walks true Old Town.

We also offer a private 3h transported city tour visiting the Vasa Museum (go past the lines), old town and sightseeing. This tour can be done in German (by request), Swedish or English.

Book the Uppsala German Historical city walk – learn about the city’s German connections
Did you knew that the Biggest Cathedral in the Nordic countries is by Gothic German-Baltic design?
Or that Germans where half the population of Uppsala already in the mid. 13th C. Many helped build up Uppsala as it is today. Did you also know that the main University the clergy in Uppsala Cathedral, and the Swedes, went to was in Germany at parts of the medieval age?

German traders and citizens owned both houses and land in Uppsala city. Hear more about them during your visit in Uppsala.
At later dates a lot of people also arrived from, at the time, the Swedish province Pommen and both studied and contributed to Uppsala University history. If you do a city walk that will be a 1-2h visit with your guide in Uppsala. 
This tour can be done in English, Swedish or in German by request.

Explore the German Influence on medieval churches
Do you know Germany’s big influence on Sweden during the medieval time? Book a church tour and find out more. We offer you a transported 5h Swedish church history tour, with special German focus.

We travel to several different churches exploring a unique cultural heritage and a connected cultural past of Sweden and its German traces.
Explore the German Albertus Picturs famous wall paintings in Täby’s medieval church, different medieval crosses and German made triptychs. Explore the trade relations between the countries.

Hear about the German missionaries in Sweden during the Viking Age, and how it evolved into a fight of the Nordic provinces that lead to that Sweden got its Archbishop seat.

We also explore Hamburg-Bremens and Lübecks connections to Sweden, how German advisers was involved into the Swedish reformation and about trade and raids into German territory during the the Viking Age.

However the focus will be on churches and the medieval time; a time when over half of the population in the most medieval cities where Germans. This tour can be done in Swedish or English or by request with a German translator as part of the tour.

Uppsala Cathedral Precht pulpit 1719
Private Transported Stockholm City Tour 3h including Vasa Museum Image 1