Swedish Horror History and Dark Folklore Walk 1h – a ghost walk

Experience the Swedish undead, pestilence and the dark history of the past....

Quick Details

Adult Ages 16+
Youth Ages 10-15
Child Ages 9 & Under

Explore the medieval and Viking Age undead, the pestilence outbreak in 1709-1712 (killing 2/3 of Helsinki’s population), and the dark Swedish folklore creatures around us out to hurt you.
Have you ever heard of the Myrling? A Swedish undead folklore vaesen of a undead child creeping after strangers under the ground you’re walking on wanting to hurt.
Or do you know that the elves coming with the mist are lost souls, forever wandering the earth, trying to trick you and your eternal soul into damnation.

You’ll discover that, and much more, as we dive into the Viking and Medieval believes of the dangerous undead. Explore the fool-proof sure methods of stopping them spreading diseases and death.

You will walk with meme true the beautiful Swedish nature in Vallentuna, situated 40min by public transportation outside of Stockholm city, exploring the myths and folklore believe of past Swedes.

On this walk you will hear about the undead and many other folklore creatures as well as the pestilence outbreak during 1709-1712 and the gallows and magic around that place of death.
Welcome to a very different ghost walk… can also be done as a virtual tour.