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Private Swedish History and Countryside Tour, Stockholm pick up

Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Quick Details

Adult Ages 16+
Youth Ages 10-15
Child Ages 9 and Under

History Tour Outside Stockholm

Take a guided five-hour tour to the recent UNESCO World Heritage Site of Markim-Orkesta, just north of Stockholm. See amazing runestones and immerse yourself in Viking history. Enjoy a day away from the city and explore the traditional Swedish countryside.


Markim-Orkesta are two church parishes filled with history from all eras of Sweden’s past!

After meeting up in central Stockholm, travel by vehicle (car, minivan, or bus, depending on group size) with a very knowledgeable local guide to this UNESCO World Heritage Site candidate. Upon arrival, take a walking tour or further transported tour depending on your choice.

This time-traveling experience includes the Bronze age, Viking age, and other eras in Swedish history. Come and learn about Viking culture and be enchanted by their magic runes and Old Norse mythology.

Learn about how Bronze age Swedes buried their dead and how Christianity changed Swedish society forever. This tour helps you understand how Sweden has developed through history and how its past has helped shape this modern nation.

See the ruins of the very likely birthplace of King Vasa, the man who reformed the Swedish state and church from Catholicism to Lutheran Protestantism. Hear about his life and controversial rule.

After hearing the intriguing history of King Vasa, journey on to a Christian Viking graveyard. Hear about the mighty burial rituals of the Vikings and how they vanished after Sweden was Christianized. You also visit a local church that has six runestones on its land and hear the tale about the mighty and rich Viking Ulv, who plundered England three times.

See the splendid frescos of the medieval church and feel the breath of Medieval Swedes through the stone walls as you learn about their religious lives. This and a lot more is promised on this day tour from Stockholm.