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The Hidden and Forgotten Stories of Old Town Stockholm

Quick Details

Adult Ages 16+
Youth Ages 10-15
Child Ages 9 & Under

Explore a mix of forgotten tales, women’s history and minorities in old town

This is the tour for you who have gone before in Old town or want weird and cute stories of Stockholm. As a tour guide you tend to find stories and funny facts doesn’t fit in into an existing tour. This is a collected result of these funny and weird stories.

Follow on a exiting and different city walk in old town. Hear another side of the city, stories about love, minorities, women’s history and a mix of funny and sad. Explore where the Royals “women’s at the side” where housed aside of their legal wives, the Jews and the colored’s history in Stockholm, about murders at a famous ally, the bloodbath of Stockholm and where the trailers meet and find out where one of the first “Ladies only cafĂ©s” where housed in 19th c. Welcome to visit places you might have walked past or heard about on a tour but se them in new light. A visit back to the darker, dirtier, harder and weirder Stockholm.