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Stockholm Naval history walk at Djurgården

Quick Details

Adult Ages 16+
Youth Ages 10-15
Child Ages 9 & Under

Explore the former naval ship docks and a story about warships, submarines and naval warfare.

Hear stories of 18th century naval warfare and tight-lipped secrets during WWII, at a former naval base on Djurgården isle.

Included on this 2h tour is a visit and tour at The museum of Wrecks, Stockholms newest museum, as well as a enlightening and exiting city walk around the area of Galärvarvet. Explore stories from the former workshop areas, hear about the mine sweeping hall history during WWII, stand where bombers and warships once where docked and where the first Swedish submarine Hajen was built.

Explore Galärvarvet, a former military secret right in the middle of Stockholm, in an area used by the navy for ship repairs, with buildings from 17th Century until 1969.
Follow Galärvarvet’s unique history with an expert tour guide telling fascinating stories of the place. Showcasing the Swedish naval remains around the Vasa Museum and the areas rich history.