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The Blockhusudden Art Walk – A Djurgården Isle Tour

Quick Details

Adult Ages 16+
Youth Ages 10-15
Child Ages 9 & Under

Explore the beautiful islet of Blockhusudden, the southern tip of Djurgården isle.

On this tour you’ll get to know more of the islet history from being a defensive place with fire to warn others in the Viking age to a toll station for all the boats to Stockholm. You’ll also get to know more of the islet secrets, the isles mysteries we see over the water and the Thilska gallery and Ernert Thil. We’ll also explore the history and inhabitants from some other of the houses and the inhabitants stories of the past.

This place is accessible from central Stockholm by boat, bus 67 to Blockhusudden or car. We meet by the parking lot and bus stop Thilska Galleriet.