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Witchcraft, Plague Outbreak, Gallows Hill and Evil Death

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Adults Ages 16+
Youth Ages 10-15
Children Ages 9 & Under

A Södermalm Walk

Hear about witches and the “great noise” 1676-77, experience the plague in the 18th century when the morgues on Södermalm were open pits and the poor peoples life. Also hear about the history of Södermalm, when the railway arrived, the factories bloomed, the difference from Old town and the southern islet in regards of laws and rights etc.

Visit the site of the cholera cemetery, the execution site and hear about different types of penitentiaries and work facilities. The dead who could not pay for their own burial risked ending up in the clutches of the anatomists at the hospital Karolinska sjukhuset. Welcome back in time to a darker Stockholm!

Our start place will be at Mossebacke torg, near Slussen subway station, at the statue Systrarna (the sisters) who are by the fountain at the middle of the square.