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Transported Scandinavian Folklore and Vaesen Tour from Stockholm

Quick Details

Adult Ages 16+
Youth Ages 10-15
Child Ages 9 & Under

Unique and special Folklore tour

Visit the hillside where the trolls once lived and see the shallow pits where the Älvor (fairies/pixies/elves) is believed to mill their grain.

With a Swedish folklore expert guide you’ll explore the surrounding countryside of Stockholm after remains where the many shapeshifting creatures (known as Vaesen) of the North lived.

Explore Nordic Vaesens like the trolls, Huldra, Näcken, lake rå, Skogsrå, our version of the Kelpie and the Mara whom “Nightmare” comes from as well as others, some dating back to Viking times.

You’ll get an exclusive deep dive into the unique and fascinating Scandinavian folklore landscape not only with a focus on it’s vaesen but as well the folklore of the past.

You’ll hear many different stories of encounters with vaesen like trolls kidnapping people drawing them into the mountains and the lake rå trying to drown travelers. Together with these stories we’ll explore a wide arrange of the Swedish folklore from the use of frogs while doing love magic to different ways to gaze into the future to se or to know who to marry.

We are also go into folklore around death, marriage, midsummer, Halloween, Christmas and much more. During the tour things also take a darker turn as we explore the darker use of blood and bones to hurt and harm as well as the dark uses of a church door.

On this cool folklore trip you’ll get to know all above as well as the creepy Myrling to love magis using flowers and dreams as well as the dark folklore surrounding the Gallows and death using human bones and blood.