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Small group transported 4h Stockholm city tour including the Vasa museum

Quick Details

Adult Ages 16+
Youth Ages 10-15
Child Ages 9 & Under

Experience the beauty of Stockholm city!

Explore and be amazed of the water. Enjoy the stories of the people living and people who lived here during 800 years. See the best of the best and explore Stockholm’s rich history and the biggest attractions in Stockholm in this transported 4h Stockholm tour. Get a guided tour at the Vasa museum, Stockholm castle and the city hall from the outside and se Riddarholmskyrkan and Djurgården isle.

On this tour you’ll get an knowledgeble experienced tour guide who will take you on an exiting a transported sightseeing tour along the different areas of Stockholm. You’ll also get a city walk in old town Stockholm. You’ll be amazed of the different architecture, stories and the history Stockholm have to give you when doing a tour with us.