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Special Stockholm city walk

Among witches, prostitutes and soldiers

Quick Details

Adult Ages 16+
Youth Ages 10-15
Child Ages 9 & Under

Get enchanted by Sweden’s darker past.

On this special and exclusive Stockholm city walk, you’ll be visiting dark alleys as well as famous sites where the city’s history mixes with a darker past.
Do the 3h ultimate Stockholm city walk among witch-trials, 19th C legal prostitutes, poor people and soldiers. Hear exiting stories about witchcraft, the pestilence 1710, when the castle burned down as well as the city history.
Hear about the 17th C witch trials. Hear the horrors of the accused and visit the gallow-site where they where hanged.
Explore and hear about the bad pestilence years 1710-12 and the burial pits filling up with bodies.
You’ll get to visit S√∂dermalms old quarters with cute, wooden 17th C building and hear about the executioner Mikael as well as ordinary people and their believes.
Next is Old Town and the ally hell, the smallest ally and stories of robbery, murders and traders.
As a bonus we explore navy base Skeppholmen isle who where secret and off-limit for citizens for nearly 300 years,