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Runes and rune stones in Uppsala, 1h city walk

Quick Details

Adult Ages 16+
Youth Ages 10-15
Child Ages 9 & Under

Live the Viking times in Uppsala

Immerse yourself in the exciting and tumultuous Viking times! Learn how to read and write the runic script. We walk among the rune stones near the Cathedral, where there are 16 rune stones within 200 m. You’ll hear about the history of these stones, spectacular human destinies and all about the exciting Viking period.

Listen to accounts of long-distance Viking expeditions, tragedies and the destinies of strong women. Discover rune masters who couldn’t spell, and people like the boastful Vigmund. Meet Gullög, the woman who built a bridge in memory of her dead daughter, discover treachery and valiant deaths on the battle field, and a son who died in his christening gown. Hear all about people’s living conditions, and about rune stones that have been relocated and disappeared, lost in harbours and blown up.
Meeting place: Right outside the main entrance of Uppsala Cathedral.