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Public and Private Viking History Tours – Stockholm hotel pick up

See Viking Age History Up Close!

Quick Details

Public Tour prices
Public Tour 3-4h Adult (Ages 16+)
Public Tour 5-6h Adult (Ages 16+)
Public Tour 8h Adult (Ages 16+)
Private Tour Prices
Private Tour 3-4h Adult (Ages 16+)
Private Tour 5-6h Adult (Ages 16+)
Private Tour 8h Adult (Ages 16+)

More About Your Viking Tour

Unveil the mystery of the Swedish Viking History with an expert authorized guide and visit great Viking sites of cultural and archaeological interest. In the Swedish countryside, surrounded by the beautiful Swedish nature, you’ll get to experience the ancient history of the Vikings. Watch beautiful rune stones and hear the stories they wish to tell you. Lean all you ever want to know about the Vikings. Our expert guides will show you among others different runestones, viking causeways, a Viking Age parlament / assembly site and grounds whom the vikings themselves walked upon on.
We have three different viking tours who differ in lengths. 3h, 5h and 8h.
* Lunch stop at the 5h and 8h tour (lunch not included).
* Hotel pick up and drop off in Stockholm, if four kilometers from Stockholm Central Station, is included in the tour price.
* Harbour pick up at the harbours of inner city Stockholm: Stadsgården, Frihamnen and Värtahamnen. NO pick up in Nynäshamn harbour / Seaway (50km outside Sthlm).

Private or public/shared tour?
The private tours are open all year and all days. The public ones are divided over the week:
– 3h public viking tours: Monday and Thursday
– 5h public viking tours: Tuesday and Saturday
– 8h public viking tours: Wendesdays and Fridays.

Good to know information

* Clothing after weather and good shoes.
* Smaller walking distances only (40m maximum from the car on the “longer ones”).
* Wheelchairs, if fordable, normally works but please contact if you plan to bring a fordable scooter or wheelchair to make sure the vehicle got the space for it available. Same goes if you want to be dropped off at Arlanda airport and want to bring bags with you.

This is our most popular tours, please book your spot early to make sure you get a seat. The 8h public viking tour requires 3 people to run. The others 2 people who have booked.

See detailed pricing below for PUBLIC TOURS:

Adult Youth Child
Full Day (8 Hours) kr2200 kr980 kr500
Half Day (5-6 Hours) kr1650 kr800 kr200
Short Day (3-4 Hours) kr950 kr450 kr150

See detailed pricing below for PRIVATE TOURS:

Adult Youth Child
Full Day (8 Hours) kr2750 kr1400 kr700
Half Day (5 Hours) kr2150 kr1300 kr400
Short Day (3 Hours) kr1250 kr800 kr350