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About Sweden History Tours

Learn More About The Company and Our Guides

Sweden History Tours - Stockholm's own time machine

# Sweden History Tours have been around for 6 years doing high value quality tours. The company’s guides have served over 5000 guests.

# The company was founded February 2015 as Time Travel Tours, starting with local tours and history walks in Swedish. We launched the first English transported tours in March 2016, and rebranded to Sweden History Tours in 2018.

# This is a two man company, apart from ourselves we have several experienced guides we have been working with for several seasons.
They have all started out following several times beside another, on that tour more experienced, guide to learn.

# All the company’s guides are authorized on the areas they are guiding to ensure you get a prime experience. Our carefully selected guides and hired guides are all full of knowledge who are backing up the tours. We have in our guide pool
Authorized Stockholm Guides
Authorized Runic Kingdom Guides (Viking Age)
Authorized Sigtuna city guides
Authorized Uppsala city guides
Authorized Uppsala botanical garden guides
Authorized Uppsala Cathedral guides.
Apart from authorizations some also have university courses on the subjects of the tours behind their backs.

Travel back in time with Stockholm’s own time travel machine.

Short QaA about Our Tours

# We are offering different, entertaining and fact-based historical, cultural, royal and archaeological transported heritage day tours and city walks.

# The tour company have been around since 2015, for 5 years, and served over 3000 guests during that time. We have served both locals, schools, groups from the municipality as well as tourists and Travel Agents.

# All transported tours have central Stockholm hotel pick-ups within 4 kilometers from Stockholm central station. The city walks starts at a pre-destinatied fixed location.

# Our transported tours travel safely in vehicles like cars, minibuses or buses depending on group size. The tour vehicles includes First Aid Kits if a unlikely accident would happen as well as hand sanitizes.

# The transported tour times ranges either 3h, 5h or 8h from pick up until first drop off. The city walks are between 90min – 3h (and can be done longer if wished upon).

# Our tours have high value and are well liked witch can be seen by the feedback on the bottom of this page and on TripAdvisor and Google reviews. Our Facebook page have over 2100 likes and followers.

# Our tour are offered both as private tours and small group tours (max 16 persons) as well as “just for you” custom-made tours. All tours have a personal touch depending on the guide.

# Our focus, and goal, is to get you out of Stockholm or Uppsala city to see the countryside and the real Sweden.
We visit the places where the history actually happened; the grave fields, Viking assembly sites, runestones, burial mounds, medieval churches, ruins, bridges and the beautiful nature of the countryside. We also offer different city walks in Stockholm city and Uppsala city apart from out-of-the-city-experience.

a man sitting in a runestones park Granby
Private Viking History Tour | Full Day Image 1

Company media coverage

In English:
Read about a Viking Age tour visit from Slow Travel Stockholm (2016), a visit on our Viking 3h tour + Iron Age tour.

Local Swedish Media:
Vallentunas egen tidsmaskin (2015) and Möt Vendeltidens kungar (2015). both in Swedish, and about our first tour site at Vada sea mounds, now part of our Iron Age tour.

De vandrar genom historien (2016). In Swedish, about one of our local history walks, now part of the Countryside and Swedish history tours.

Internationella kunder uteblir – dĂ„ satsar Jonathan pĂ„ nytt (2020). In Swedish, about the new “bloody medieval horror and folk lore walk” in Vallentuna and virtual tours due to no English customers cause of Corona.

Blog post in Swedish, with many pictures, about a Viking Age Tour at Arkils assembly place, a place who are visited on all our Viking Age tours.

group tour at Vada burrial mounds

Guide Memberships, Authorizations and Ratings

Sweden Professional Experience Guide Stockholm

Nationally Qualified Tourist Guides. From Sweguide – The Swedish Guide Association and VISITA! – The Swedish hospitality sector.

Viking, Nature and Countryside tours with Sweden History Tours

Our TripAdvisor rating, #29 of 189 tours in Stockholm city (guest reviews are further down this page).

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Spotlight on Our Guide: Jonathan Olsson

  • Over five years of guiding tours about the Vikings and Swedish history. Jonathan is the company’s Swedish church history expert.
    He loves metal music, animals, Discgolf and is a runestone and rune nerd. Can on his spare times often be found between the pages of different Fantasy books.
  • Guide Courses:
    Authorized Runic Kingdom guide (Viking Age guide course).
    Authorized Uppsala city-guide.
    Authorized Uppsala Cathedral Guide.
    Authorized Uppsala Botanical garden guide. 

Spotlight on our guide Owe

  • The current owner of the company. An authorized Runic kingdom guide (viking tour guide) and a guide who loves nature and hiking.
  • A former  gymnasium teacher (equivalent to High School in USA) in Mathematics, Physics and Religion who does city walks in Stockholm as well as Viking tours.
  • Favorite tour differs but our folklore tours and tours in his home town of Vallentuna is dear to his hearts.
People by stone

Our other guides

  • We have over the years collected a number of amazing guides to help us with our tours. They help out on tour to tour basis when we need extra people. All guides here are authorized, many on Stockholm city, and some have worked with tourism for over 20 years. A big bunch of collective experience to lend back to, ensuring the tours are in trusted hands. All our guides speak Swedish and English and some also speak additional languishes.
  • The guides you may meet on one of our tours are Angus, Jonathan, Nadia (French), Calle (Germen), Helene, Gabriel (Persian), Åsa, Tobias, Owe, Hans, Sven (Germen), Sonia (Russian), Mario (Spanish) and Quentin (Frensh). During the summer you may meet additional guides as well but rarely, this list includes our most trusted and highly experienced staff.

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See Why Our Clients Love Our Different Tours!

Great Tour Outside the City

My husband and I had spent several days at all the attractions in Stockholm, but felt a need to see some rural areas. The Viking History Tour was the most interesting way to do this and offered so much more. It was a cold day and the country side looked spectacular with snow-covered fields. Angus was the perfect host he explained to Viking history. He had so much knowledge to share and was able to answer all our questions.

– Christine A. | TripAdvisor
Well Worth the Time and Money

My husband and I took the Private Tour: Swedish History Day Trip to World Heritage Candidate Markim-Orkesta from Stockholm. Well worth the time and money as the tour was excellent. We were provided pick up and drop off service from our hotel which was helpful. The two guides Angus and Jonathan added a personal touch to the tour and so much information we couldn’t get from a book or reading online. We saw not only ruins but historical sites, farms and churches. The two guides were knowledgeable, friendly and very professional. It was nice to get out of city and see some of country side. Highly recommend it!

– Jill Moe | Google review
Told with Conviction and Passion

I really like the idea of a guided tour through time with fun and insightful facts about our cultural past from ancient times. I was both intrigued and entertained about hearing stories and myths from the same landscape I was standing on as our guide told with conviction and passion. I enjoy history too and its interesting to see it being told to a modern public of all ages for a small price and resonable guided tour length. I had fun and I am sure many else can be equally entertained when being guided through the fascinating legends of the viking era.

– Princecid | Google Review
A Wonderful Experience Learning About Viking History

We had a wonderful experience learning about Viking history. Our guide, Angus, was knowledgeable about the subject and answered all our questions. We couldn't have had a better time.

– Mary | TripAdvisor
The Best Tour Ever!

What a great tour we had! Runes, burial mounds, a longhouse, and Viking village and a Viking parliament. There were only two of us in the group. Angus was very informative and I liked how he tailored information to his audience. We were enthralled for the entire tour.

– Penny | TripAdvisor
Great Tour, Excellent Guides

We did the whole day Viking History Tour with fantastic guides "Calle" and "Jonathan". They were both very knowledgeable and guided us through the various locations carefully. The tour was flexible and could be tailored to our interests by spending more or less time in some places. We recommend this tour to someone who wants to gain insight into the heritage of the area.

– B. | TripAdvisor
Viking Tour - Excellent

We enjoyed a half day Viking History tour with guide Calle. We were so pleased to see the Viking stones in natural environments on farmland and replace as they would have been at a dirt road over marshland. We ate lunch at Sigtuna, with Main Street restored as it would have been in the Viking Times. There is also an excellent museum in Sigtuna.

– Sydney Family | TripAdvisor
Amazing Experience!

Amazing experience! I am a longtime student of Viking history and language and Angus really made things come to life with his incredibly deep knowledge and personal touch. Angus was also incredibly accommodating and conversational! I can't endorse this tour enough. Cheers/skÄl!

– Danny 'Danymal' Lee | Facebook review
Heartfelth thanks

Now, almost at the end of my voyage, I have to give credit to those who really made this trip worthwhile. Carl, Sandra, Leif and Jane, Jonathan (Sweden History Tours), and Levina: thank you again for showing a lost little American boy around your magnificent countries. Too bad for you, I plan on returning.

– Tjodrik Svartalv Iamesson | Facebook uppdate
Beautiful fabulous tour, remarkable guide! Take this tour!

Oh my goodness! We selected this tour because we wanted to see the country out from Stockholm. But we were blown away by the history and beauty of these churches - so old but so well maintained. Best of all, the guide, Jonathan, was so knowledgeable and so excited about all that he was able to show us. He’s brilliant and shared knowledge in such an engaging way. He and the driver had excellent English and were so much fun to be with. We learned so much about Sweden both past and present.

– Caroline | Get Your Guide Church Tour Review
Best Viking tour we could ever wish for!

This tour was amazing!!! A definite MUST do while in Stockholm. We reached out directly to the tour company since TripAdvisor didn’t allow to book online in such short notice. Spoke to Jonathan, and he was very gracious and accommodating. He said he would reach out to tour guides to find out if someone would be available for the next day. He called back promptly after a few hours with confirmation that he found a guide for us. Åsa was the BEST guide we could have hoped for! She took us to all the main sites, gave us ample time to visit, took our photos, answered ALL our questions and was extremely knowledgeable. We were so fortunate and felt honoured she shared so much of the Viking and Swedish history with us. Thank you Åsa and Jonathan for your kindness and for making our Swedish experience unforgettable!

– Cindy_DF | TripAdvisor


Are you dedicated to history and culture? Do you like to entertain and educate others? Then you shall apply to become a guide for us. We are always looking for interested people. Please send us an email to with your resume/CV if you have the following qualifications. You may send an application even if you do not have all the qualifications. Motivation is equally important.

* A big interest in history.
* A big interest in Swedish society and culture
* Some studies about the Vikings (if you want to do Viking tours). We can also give you study material that we give you a test on. So you get a chance even if you do not have any previous education on the subject. Four years of guiding tours about the Vikings and other parts of Swedish History!
* Secondary education. Social science or social-science related program.
* Standard EU-driving license. (B-körkort)