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Best of Historical Sweden – A tour to Biskops-Arnö and Sigtuna – 8h full day tour

A Comprehensive Tour for the Adventurer Looking for It All

Quick Details

We visit sites like Biskops-Arnö, a center for politic and power during the medieval age. This isle was no less than the Swedish Archbishops summer isle in the medieval times. Today it hold a magnificent celler with 1300:ds Gothic vaults and pillars that have survived until today.

The Ingvar runestone we visit is one of the coolest evidences linked to a written story. This viking runestone point’s towards a saga told at the Swedish kings court in the 1200d;s and written down by a visiting Icelandis scholar where it got preserved to our days.
We also pass by Håtuna royal farm where a dramatic power fight among the king and his two brothers once where held in the early mediveal ages.

Adult Ages 16+
Youth Ages 10-15
Child Ages 9 and Under

Swedish and Viking History Full-Day Tour

This special Viking and Swedish history tour takes you to check out the historical highlights of Sweden’s coolest and biggest places. You get a big dose of Vikings, medieval history, and visit some of our best-preserved historical areas and places.

This tour includes areas from the Bronze age until today and goes out towards the Enköping area instead of north of Stockholm, as our other tours do. The focus, however, is on the Viking age and the turbulent medieval ages.

Hotel pick-up and cruise port pick-up and drop-off within 5 km of Stockholm central station are included (doesn’t include the Nynäshamn harbour).