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The Bloody Stockholm Tour

Special Theme Tour

Quick Details

Adults Ages 16+
Youth Ages 10-15
Children Ages 9 & Under

Explore bloody deeds and Sweden’s dark past!

Meet-up at the Nobel museums staircase in Old Town at the time of your tour. On this ghost walk you’ll meet the dark past of Stockholm. You’ll explore the macabre Stockholm with rumors of witchcraft, pestilence, ghost stories, slavery, the blood bath of Stockholm and brutal murders in the dark.

We will walk in and around old town visiting Hells ally where the executioner lived, hear about the big castle fire and Stockholm blood bath in 1520s. We explore the rumors of witchcraft and the witch trials where 9 women lost their lives, the legal prostitution in 1800:ds and the the shooting of a king at the Royal theater and the execution of the accused. Explore the bloody Stockholm.

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