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The Medieval Stockholm

A City Walk in Old Town

Quick Details

Adults Ages 16+
Youth Ages 10-15
Children Ages 9 & Under

The Medieval Old Town Tour

Sneak into Hell’s ally where the city executioner once lived, the German quarters of Stockholm and the 90 cm wide ally of Mårten Trotzig. On this city walk in Old Town (Gamla Stan) you’ll explore juicy murders, a marriage scandal even the Arch-bishop got involved in the 15th C, Stockholm’s blood bath and much more.

You’ll explore it’s rich medieval history, and see the city come to life. as you explore the streets and their names giving clues for what once was housed there. Apart from exploring the stories where the evidence remains under the same ground we walk upon we’ll visit “the Rose gate”. It is the oldest gate in Stockholm and also explore other remains from the medieval times. Explore the fascinating stories old town have hidden inside the walls on this tour. Book your spot today.