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Nature and History Tour to the Angarnsjöängen Bird Lake Area

Quick Details

Vuxen 16+ år
Ungdom 10-15 år
Barn 9 år och under

Explore the beautiful nature of Sweden!

On this exiting transported tour with Stockholm hotel pick up we’ll be going around to carefully selected beautiful nature-spots, forests and historical places around the lake Angarnsjöängen around 25km north of Stockholm.

This lake is bespoke of it’s beautiful nature and historical interesting sites and we’ll visit the most important and most beautiful of them. During this tour you’ll explore a lot of the famous Swedish nature. We’ll walk true the forest to a hill fort giving a magnificent view of the bord lake itself. During this tour we’ll also visit a lot of historical eras. Se it as a combination of a nature tour, a Viking tour, a bronze age tour and a Swedish history tour. This will cover the most of Sweden’s history and offer breathtaking views of the nature Sweden is so famous of.

We will visit graves from bronze age, climb a bronze age/older iron age Hill fort, visit some sacrifice bowls from the bronze age and big grave mounds 4 meters high from the previking Vendel era grave (550-800ad). On this tour you’ll also se some of the famous Swedish rune stones, one talking about Ulvrik taking 2 payment away in Great Britain. This tour also include a visit to a beautiful romantic church ruin.