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Wild edible plants among Vikings and kings in Nåntunalund

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Adult Ages 16+

Tour  Nåntunalund with us

Nettles, violets, spruce tips and meadowsweet. Back in the days people would source plants, herbs, and berries from the forest for both food and medicin. Unfortunately, a lot of this knowledge has fallen into oblivion. Huge amounts of nutrients, minirals and vitamines are stored in diffirent plants in our near enviroment, easily accessible for anyone who has the knowledge about foraging. During this exclusive half day tour you will experience the history behind Nåntuna, its edible plants, plant magic and folklore in a beautiful environment surrounded by Uppland’s oldest oaks. We will visit a 2000-year-old gravefield and learn about Linnaeus connections to the area. Together we will forage tasty ingrediences from the forest and prepare a meal over open fire while listening to stories about grand burrials and saceficed animals. Take your chance to create a speical memory with this ecological tour focusing on history and wildsourced food. We use sustainable and locally produced ingrediences for our cooking.
This tour is done in collaboration between Sweden History Tours and Elles Utemat and need at least 8 adults joining to run.