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Private One-Person Viking Tour out of Stockholm

Explore with a Private Expert Viking guide

Quick Details

Adult Ages 16+

One-on-One Viking Tour with a Private Guide

On this private one-person tour, we offer you a unique opportunity to explore one-on-one with your guide, discovering some of the finest Viking sites close to Stockholm. You can ask as many questions as you wish, and we can perhaps take a little detour if you wish to see a specific runestone or place that is close by.

You are picked up at your hotel in Stockholm by a driver/guide, and then you head out to look at three Viking runestones and a grave field at Broby Bridge. When that is done, we head on to Jarlabankes bridge, a reconstructed Viking bridge, and Arkils assembly place, which is one of the best preserved in Sweden. After that, we head to a medieval church before going back to Stockholm again.