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5 must see places while in Stockholm

While visiting Stockholm city, or planing to visit, there is a lot of places around worth seeing. But what places are the 5 most iconic places to se inside the borders of the city of Stockholm. Places you can’t miss while being here.

1. Stockholm Old Town
This is the heart of Stockholm city, the medieval town of Stockholm with an exterior from 1600ds and 1700ds often hiding medieval building and a place full of fascinating stories. There are a bunch of tours set in old town but all kind of operators and Sweden History Tours focus here are on “dark folklore ghost walks”, “Bloody Stockholm tour” or “Stockholm’s main attractions” whom are our “Stockholm must see tour”.

2. Vasa Museum
The world’s only complete 17th C ship, a mega ship of it’s time so unique and big that the construction failed and it sunk. This royal ship represent one of Sweden’s biggest failues; it sunk after around 1200 meter of sailing within the city of Stockholm. It’s sister ship Äpplet was build around 1meter wider and floated. Part from Äpplet, the apple, are on display in the Museums of Wrecks in Stockholm where Jonathan from Sweden History Tours also works. For a tour there send in a request to us on [email protected]

3. The isle of Djurgården
This isn’t obvious as a tourist attraction but this isle, owned by Swedish monarch and where all buildings need to have the Royal Yes before being built, is fantastic. The Vasa Museum and several others are situated here.
It is a green haven of threes, big parks and holds two art museums in the outskirts of the Isle well worth visiting. Futhest out on Blockhusudden where Thilska Galleriet are situated once held a Viking Age vårdkase in case of attacks (A bunch of wood like the fire lit for aid in Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings). Sweden History Tours offer two city walks on Djurgården; one focusing on the naval base remains and one out at Blockhusudden.

4. Långholmen prison isle
This isn’t a place usually mentioned, a hidden gem of an isle in the middle of Stockholm at the side of Södermalm. This is a former state prison isle with a fashinagint history from the 18th C until 1970:s. Today this is a cozy place with all kind of sites to take in from the former prison to WWII fortifications and much more. Sweden History Tours offer a tour on Långholmen isle but it is also one of the tour guides favorite hidden spots.

5. City Hall of Stockholm
One of Sweden star architects Ragnar ÖStbergs most famous buildings build to remind us of Stockholm castle and full of symbolism. This is where the Nobel Prize banquet is held and is a splendid example of a more modern building anno 1900:s taking several years to build.

What are you five places to se in the cities you live or work in? Please comment below or share you best Stockholm city tips.