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Virtual viking age expert tour

Virtual Viking tour by expert authorized Viking guide


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Viking age virtual tour
Visit Sweden at the Viking Age. this gives you a safe from home deep-dive Viking lesion by expert, knowledgeable tours guides who have guided vikings for years. Hear about the Vikings customs, dig into the raiding journeys and the expansion to the west and east of Scandinavia. Learn about Sweden’s viking age from a safe place, far away from their raids, right at your home. The one hour long virtual Viking tour is done at Arkils Assembly place witch is a uniquely preserved Thingstad / assembly place in Runriket area witch the Stockholm läns museums have highlighted as the Viking heartland.
Please email for now if you’re interested in having a virtual tour on another time than the one available: please email info@swedenhistorytours.se

Virtual Viking tour longer than one hour
If you want longer than one hour it is possible to ask for other locations as well to some extent and I might than do a tour at Jarlabankes bridge or show another important viking place.
Than I’ll be in a car between some of the stops. We will thematic go true the viking age on different themes for different sites we visit like slavery, food, weaponry, runstones, runes, Viking journeys. Learn more, virtual exploring the Viking heritage area around Stockholm Sweden and its grave yards, runestones, dark secrets and more.

Quarantine tours for you at home to be amazed at.
This tour is not a copy of the viking age 3h, 5h or 8h tour we offer if you come and visit. This is instead a combo of part from them, part from our Iron Age tour and party totally new, exclusively virtual content of Viking age places.