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Uppsala City Walks and Transported Tours

Explore Stockholm's neighbor city's fascinating history

Explore Uppsala's secret and captivating history with us

Explore Uppsala City, Sweden’s forth biggest city, on the only available transported day tour from Stockholm City. The city is only 45-50 min away from Stockholm City center and have a high concentration of where it’s fascinating tourist sites are located.
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However, as you get guided by a experienced Uppsala City-guide, that will take you down to earth, getting a knowingly and cozy tour to see the big things as well as the smaller thing… and maybe ending up at one of the local cafes or restaurants for lunch and a traditional Swedish Fika afterwards.

The Uppsala experience – a transported day tour from Stockholm 
On the Uppsala transported day tours, and city walks, you will explore and experience the big sites of the city. We also visit some smaller sites would would have a hard time to find in the guide books. Apart from the bigger sites you also get the chance to hear about the hidden darker histories if you wish (more information further below).

We will during our stay visit Northern Europe’s biggest cathedral (119.70 meters long and high). Close to that lies the mid 16th C castle whom we see from the outside where you hear about the murders by the mad king Erik XIV.

We also explore one of Europe’s oldest Botanical gardens, visit some of the University’s magnificent houses (Northern Europe’s oldest, Anno 1477) and see the famous, in Gothic writing written, Silver Bible (created ca. 500 AD). You also get a chance to visit the famous Old Uppsala Mounds on the transported 7h tour from Stockholm.

A Darker perspective – The dark and gruesome Uppsala city walk / transported tour.
The darker Uppsala will be about the Swedish Race-biological institute, one of Europe’s oldest anatomical theaters as well as the student that signed a contract in blood with the Devil himself.

You might also hear about the Swedish slavery in the Pacific, about the Uppsala red light district when prostitution was legal in 1880:s, the gallows and when pestilence last hit in 1709-12. That and more.
If transported we travel out to, among other things, take a look on the outside of a local sanitarium for the insane. But you could get locked up for various different reasons, and if you where unlucky enough also get lobotomized or sterilized in there.

To get only the darker Uppsala city walk; “The Dark and gruesome Uppsala – hidden histories” please email and request it at this state. The city walk is 2-3h (longer if we do a combination of city walk and car travel) and can be taken on afternoons or evenings mainly (or during the day if no other tour already is booked).

Also email if you want a normal city walk in Uppsala including the cathedral, castle, university and a visit at the botanical garden of Uppsala.
Only the transported Uppsala city tour (and the Viking age 8h tour who includes a brief visit to Uppsala and old Uppsala) are on display below to book for now.

Uppsala Cathedral City Tours Medieval Gothic Architecture
Old Uppsala Mounds size reference with human in front
Uppsala city fence with spikes

Explore Uppsala city's mysteries